“Wild Strings Trio is definitely one of the most unusual musical groups in Slovenia and is clear proof that music knows no boundaries.” -Bratko Zavrnik, Longplay

“Wild Strings Trio have impressively managed to combine three musical worlds into a magnificently challenging and unusual debut with a stormy march into the vast expanses of a tempestuous ethno fury. -Aleš Podbrežnik, Rockline

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wild strings trio

– is a high-powered combination of acoustic musicians bringing with them a kaleidoscope of styles and emotions with their trademark enthusiasm and virtuosity that delights audiences wherever they go.

Based in Slovenia, French cellist Toby Kuhn , Slovak violinist Petra Onderufová and Slovenian guitarist Aleksander Kuzmić take a blend of Balkan rhythms, Funk riffs, Jazz impro, Flamenco, Celtic and more to make epic compositions that are much more than the sum of their parts.

The Trio’s travelling lifestyle leads them regularly around Europe, bringing them as far as Tehran, Samarqand or Beijing; on the road they never fail to meet fabulous musicians and warm welcomes, that are in turn woven into a music of discovery and transformation.



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upcoming Concerts

20.7.2023 – Aeson Festival, Parco sull’Isonzo (IT)

27.07.-30.07.2023 – Floating Castle Festival, Kozarisce (SI)

15.09.2023 – Esposende, Portugal (PT)

15.09.2023 – workshop, Esposende (PT)

16.09.2023 – Miranda do Douro, Portugal (PT)

17.09.2023 – workshop, Miranda do Douro (PT)

21.09.2023 – Bota Anjos, Lisbon (PT)

24.09.2023 – Camones, Lisbon (PT)

1.12.2023 – Lange Nacht der Weltmusik, Sargfabrik, Vienna (AT)


Booking Slovenia and Worldwide:

Mojca Zupanič


+386 41 924 515

Booking Worldwide:


+386 40 989 427

+386 70 355 390


Photos by Tadej Čauševič tadejcausevicphotography.com and Jan Prpič

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